5 Advantages Of Using A Reusable Tile Leveling System


5 Advantages Of Using A Reusable Tile Leveling System

Tile installation, while appearing straightforward, often presents a myriad of challenges that only professionals or those who’ve dabbled in DIY projects can genuinely appreciate. The intricacies of laying tiles can test even the most seasoned tiler, be it the relentless quest for achieving perfectly flat tiles or the struggle with inconsistent grout lines.

The ingenious tile leveling system has revolutionized tile installation, ensuring that even the most daunting challenges are addressed with precision and ease.

But not all tile leveling systems are created equal. As we delve deeper into this topic, we’ll explore the multifaceted advantages of using a reusable tile leveling system, a game-changer in tile leveling systems.

What is a Tile Leveling System?

A tile leveling system is a failsafe technique that can ensure you install your finished product properly when laying floor tiles, be it wall or floor tiles. A tile leveling method allows you to install tile without lippage, resulting in evenly aligned tiles.

That means there are no height variances between the borders of adjacent tiles and no lippage. Lippage is unsightly and indicative of a shoddy floor installation and may also be a trip hazard.

5 Advantages of Using a Reusable Tile Leveling System

Amidst a vast landscape of tile leveling systems, reusable tile leveling systems have carved a unique niche. 

Here are a few advantages that make them a go-to choice for many professional and DIY installers.

1. Cost Efficiency of a Reusable Tile Leveling System.

One of the most compelling advantages of using a reusable tile leveling system is its cost efficiency.

Think about it: when investing in a reusable system, you make a one-time purchase that can serve you for multiple tile installation projects. This differs starkly from one-time-use systems, where new components are required for each new job, causing the expenses to pile up over time.

To draw a clearer picture, let’s dive into a direct comparison. Traditional one-time-use tile leveling systems might seem economical at first glance. Buy the kit, use it, and you’re done.

However, every subsequent tile installation requires a fresh set, leading to recurring costs.

On the other hand, with a reusable tile leveling system, the initial investment might be slightly higher, but the cost per use diminishes dramatically as you utilize the system repeatedly.

2. Precision and Consistency with Reusable Tile Leveling Systems

Tile installation, whether for wall or floor tiles, is a task that demands precision and consistency.

In tile installation, achieving a flat surface is akin to the Holy Grail. Precision and consistency form the bedrock of any successful tile job, whether wall or floor tiles.

Now, while manual skills and experience are indispensable, why leave things to chance when tile leveling systems can bridge the gap?

Ensuring that every tile you lay is perfectly flat, devoid of any unpleasant surprises like tile lippage. How often have you come across a freshly installed tile floor only to notice that one tile sits slightly higher than its adjacent tiles? Such inconsistencies can mar the aesthetics and even lead to potential tripping hazards.

Now, imagine the peace of mind of knowing that every tile, whether it’s a large format tile or a regular-sized one, will sit flush with its neighbors. This dream becomes a reality with reusable tile leveling systems. 

The reusable tile leveling system kit includes a rotating cap, a steel T rod spacer attached to the cap, and the tightening wrench, which ensures that tiles are held uniformly until the thin-set cures.

The result?

A tile surface that’s as smooth as a mirror.

Moreover, an excellent tile leveling system continues beyond the tile edges. It extends its precision to the grout lines. Consistent grout lines are an often-overlooked aspect of tile installation, yet they play a pivotal role in the overall look and longevity of the tile work.

These systems guarantee consistent grout lines by preventing tile edges from sinking or rising, making the grout joint spacing uniform throughout.

3. Versatility in Application

Some believe that tile leveling systems are predominantly designed for floor tiles. While they excel in laying tile floors flawlessly, their prowess continues.

A top-tier reusable tile leveling system like the other tile leveling systems offered by Tileveling can seamlessly transition from floors to walls. Whether aiming for a pristine tiled bathroom wall or a kitchen backsplash, these systems ensure each tile remains perfectly flat, eliminating the age-old challenge of tiles sagging or slipping on vertical surfaces.

With the interior design industry evolving rapidly, tiles aren’t left behind. The choices are abundant, From classic square tiles to modern large-format tiles. 

The variety doesn’t just stop at the size; it extends to tile thickness ranging from slim, delicate pieces to robust, hefty tiles. A reusable tile leveling system shines here, accommodating different sizes and thicknesses with aplomb.

Whether you’re dealing with a large format tile that demands utmost care or tiles of varying thicknesses in a mosaic pattern, this system ensures a smooth surface and consistent grout lines.

4. Durability

In an industry where tools frequently face the rigors of heavy-duty tasks, durability isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. While the world has witnessed a myriad of tile leveling systems grace the market, not all are crafted equal.

The truly commendable ones blend efficiency with endurance. 

And this is where the intrinsic value of materials like thick PP (Polypropylene) plastic and manganese steel in reusable tile leveling systems becomes evident.

PP plastic, known for its robust nature, is an unsung hero in tile leveling systems. This resilient plastic defies typical wear and tear, resisting fatigue and ensuring longevity.

Its inherent flexibility and strength come to the forefront when molded into the caps of tile leveling systems. The PP plastic cap ensures that tiles remain evenly spaced and level, facilitating a smoother installation process. Moreover, when positioned for extended durations, these caps exhibit exceptional resistance to pressure, ensuring their durability and reliability even under significant stress during removal.

Not to be overshadowed, manganese steel plays a pivotal role in the effectiveness of these systems. Renowned for its wear resistance and tremendous strength, this steel is often fashioned into the rod seamlessly integrated with the PP plastic cap.

Inserted between the tiles, this rod ensures the tiles remain steadfastly in place. Given its strength, manganese steel guarantees that the rod doesn’t bend or break, even under the most challenging conditions, and can be removed easily.

5. Eco-friendly Choice

In an era where environmental sustainability is not just a buzzword but a global imperative, choices in every industry are being reevaluated. From the food we consume to the tools we employ, the lens of environmental consciousness is casting its discerning eye.

Amidst this shift, the construction and interior design sectors are no exception. The spotlight here is on reusable tile leveling systems, emerging as the eco-friendly champions in the tiling domain.

Crafted meticulously with durability in mind, these systems can be employed repeatedly, significantly reducing the amount of waste generated. By choosing a reusable tile leveling system, one not only ensures a perfect tile installation but also makes a conscious choice to reduce their carbon footprint.

How Do A Reusable Tile Leveling System Work?

The magic of a perfectly laid tile floor or wall is not just in its visual appeal but in the precision that lies beneath and with a functional tile leveling system. And when we talk precision in tile installation, the reusable tile leveling system is truly the unsung hero.

But how exactly do they function?

Installing the Reusable Tile Leveling System

Achieving that impeccable finish with your tiles requires a system that’s effective and straightforward. The reusable tile leveling system encapsulates this simplicity.

Here’s a concise breakdown of the process:

1. Laying the Groundwork: Begin by troweling on the tile bedding adhesive. This creates a sticky foundation ensuring the tiles adhere correctly.

2. Positioning the Tiles: Place your tiles carefully, using tile spacers to maintain consistent grout lines. Remember, spacing is crucial for an even look, whether you’re dealing with wall tiles, floor tiles, or even large format tiles.

3. Inserting the Levelers: Introduce the reusable tile levelers into the mix. Slide them in place and rotate the caps until the tiles level and flush with each other. Wind them up to ensure each tile is perfectly aligned with its neighbor.

How to Remove the Reusable Tile Levelers?

The beauty of the reusable tile leveling system is not just in its application but also in its removal. However, timing is critical.

1. Wait for the Right Moment: Removal should be done when the thin-set (tile adhesive) is still soft but nearing its set state. Typically, a few hours post-installation, the bond is malleable enough for easy removal but sturdy sufficient to keep the tiles in place.

2. Prep before Removal: Before attempting to extract the levelers, rotate them slightly. This action helps clear any adhesive around the ‘T’ section of the leveler, ensuring a clean and easy removal.

Are The Tiles You’ve Chosen Right For Your Design Scheme?

* Indoor:

Outside living is a significant trend, and several DIYers want to extend their interior design to their outdoor spaces to retain visual coherence. Because tile producers know this, many large format indoor tiles also provide a 20mm thick porcelain outdoor slab tile option – the depth of which is unrestricted, independent of your design style. Cement and natural stone effects, especially, are highly popular and ubiquitous in this trend – the Tileveling ranges also have standard width indoor variations.

* Outdoor:

You’ll be happy to know that antique feature floors aren’t restricted to interior decoration, as many patterned porcelain floor tiles have frost-proof qualities, which you can use outside. In addition, outdoor slab tiles are getting increasingly in on the patterned action, with a range of patterns presently available to complement any design scheme. It’s also important to remember that lengthier, plank-like tiles can create the sense of more space in smaller settings, so look for wooden effect exterior tiles or ones with rectangular form factors. Similarly, more oversized tiles with rectified edges reduce the visibility of grout joints; the more significant the tiles, the less you’ll need and the fewer grout joints you’ll have.


The best tile leveling systems are transformative tools for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Choosing the right tile leveling system, like the reusable tile leveling system, ensures your tiles are set evenly, eliminating tile lippage and guaranteeing a flawless finish.

Understanding how tile leveling systems work is vital, and when employed correctly, every tile leveling system works wonders to create a harmonious and perfectly leveled surface. Invest in one to witness the magic unfold, ensuring every tile is laid down evenly and professionally.

Available Products

H09 0.9MM

H09 0.9MM Reusable Tile Leveling System

The set of H09 has more than 50 sets of leveling systems with one wrench. In addition, it has more than 2mm tile spacer bags with a tile thickness ranging between 2mm to 16mm. The product is environmentally friendly, which means it is pollution-free to use. Moreover, manufacturers perform the tensile test to ensure the correct product quality reaches the people.

H15 1.5MM

Reusable Tile Leveling System DL-H H15 1.5MM

This product is one of the best products available that you can reuse more than 20 times. It has 50 sets of leveling systems and has a 2mm tile spacer in the package. The thickness of the product ranges from 2mm to 16mm. The product’s design ensures that it caters to all the expectations of the construction requirements. The size error of the product is at most 0.05mm, which makes it perfect to use.

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