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Tile Spacers And Levelling Wedges - Tile Wedge Spacers

If you are about to embark on a tiling project and have asked, can I use spacers with a tile levelling system? Let’s understand how tile spacing wedges can assist you and what levelling systems are available to achieve a tidy, professional tiled space.

Tile Leveling Systems

Tile leveling systems are a part of the vast array of tools and equipment used by professional tile setters for tile levelling. These small plastic levelling spacers for tiling are created to maintain a level surface. You might be asking why I should use a tile leveling system? They differ from traditional methods but manage to achieve perfect results. 

Tile levelling wedges and systems use tapered steel tile wedges to be placed between the tiles themselves and into the concrete substrate (or tile setting bed). These tile wedge spacers are then wedged into place with a hammer so that it is wide in the centre and narrow at the edges, ensuring the grout lines remain even and preventing lippage. 

Any wedge tile levelling system can have various trip hammers which range in size and speed, allowing them to be used on the most common sizes of tiles. This aids in levelling the tiles in place and straightening them out, which ultimately helps to ensure that all of your tile installations look clean and uniform, preventing any linear deformity from occurring in the process. 

Tile Spacers And Levelling Wedges

Are you wondering how to use a tile leveling system? Tile levelling systems are designed for many different types of tile installations. However, most are made to accommodate ceramic tile or stone tile installations and either with wall tiles or floor tiles. The most common types used are steel and carbon; they work well with glue-down applications.

The drive pin is manually set by traversing across the face of the tile and allows for various lengths of adjustment. It’s possible to adjust the position of each tile with precision using these adjustments. We have two types of tile levelling systems in this category:

  1. the tile wedges 
  2. the tile spacers. 

They are considered the best tile levelling system. They are used to maintain level horizontal grout lines during installations to achieve a level first row of wall tile and can be used to level wall tiles to avoid tile slippage on vertical surfaces. It can come down to preference when choosing wedge spacers or tile laying spacers, but you will find only the highest quality tiling equipment at Tileveling.

Tile Leveling Spacers

The Tile levelling spacers are the best tile levelling systems, and all perform the same task of levelling adjacent tiles to one another. The types of tile levelling spacers are as follows:

  • like t-shaped spacers
  • traditional spacers
  • cross spacers
  • wedge spacers, and many other forms.

They can be made of flexible plastic or hard plastic and used according to the type of tile they adjust. Flexible plastic spacers are set between tiles to help keep them evenly spaced, producing grout joints of even width, and providing a consistent finish. The grout joint sizes tile spacer creates— are from 1/16 inch to 1/2 inch. 

Hard plastic spacers are another kind of spacers that are very useful for levelling a rough plywood top on countertops before installing a backer board. Professionals consider them far superior to wood wedges as they are flat and come in three different thicknesses: 1/16 inch, 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch. Workers can also use these hard plastic spacers with marble, stone, and large format tiles.

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