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Multifunction & Reusable Tile Spacer

Multifunction & Reusable Tile Spacers

Tiling projects can be both exciting and daunting. Whether you’re revamping your bathroom, kitchen, or any other space, the goal is always the same: perfectly aligned tiles that exude charm and precision. 

But achieving that polished look can sometimes be challenging, especially if you’re not armed with the right tools, such as tile spacers and a tile leveling system. That’s where 3-sided multifunctional and reusable tile spacers come into play.

What Is Multifunction & Reusable Tile Spacer

Unlike normal tile spacers with only two sides, the multi-functional and reusable tile spacers have an extra side, making them a versatile choice for tile installations.

This additional side allows for the precise placement of tiles at various orientations, opening up endless design and placement possibilities. 

With 3-sided spacers, you can easily create captivating herringbone tile patterns, taking your tiling project to a new level.

What Are The Benefits of Multifunctional and Reusable Tile Spacers?

When delving into the realm of tile spacers, it’s akin to navigating a landscape of innovation where each tool aims to outshine the other. 

However, amidst this sea of options, Tileveling’s multifunctional and reusable tile spacers emerge as a beacon of distinction. 

These spacers offer a set of unparalleled benefits that unequivocally position them as the epitome of choices for your tiling projects. Here, we delve into the distinctive advantages that cast multifunctional and reusable tile spacers in a league of their own.

1. Perfect Corner Placement

In the labyrinth of tile installations, standard spacers often find themselves entangled in the challenge of handling corner tiles. However, our 3 way tile spacers boldly defy convention. 

Their distinctive design not only conquers this corner conundrum but does so with such finesse that achieving flawless corner placement becomes as effortless as a gentle breeze.

Unlike other spacers, you can place them at the intersection of the 4 tiles.

These versatile spacers can also be strategically placed at the intersections of tiles when using a leveling system along the sides of a tile.

This additional application enhances their utility and ensures that your tile layout maintains perfect alignment throughout the entire tile installation process. They can also be easily removed when filling grout without needing a needle plier.

2. Variable Sizes of Multifunctional Tile Spacers For Grout Line Variability

Grout lines aren’t mere afterthoughts; they’re design elements that wield transformative power over your tiled surfaces. Now, imagine being handed the keys to this creative kingdom.

Multi-functional and reusable tile spacers offer control over grout line width, helping implement your design choices. 

By providing an array of sizes, starting from the sleek DD10 1.0mm spacer to the bolder DD45 4.5mm spacer, you can choose the ideal size for your unique design vision.

3. Interlocking Tile Design with Reusable 3 Sided Tile Spacers

The tiles effortlessly link together like pieces of an elegant jigsaw, thanks to our innovative “Multifunctional Tile Spacers.”

These versatile and reusable 3 side spacers are specially designed to accommodate traditional tiling as well as more intricate patterns like the herringbone design. 

One side of the spacer is uniquely cut in half, enabling it to fit seamlessly into interlocking layouts, ensuring that your tiles are consistently and precisely spaced. 

This opens the door for you to easily craft complex, eye-catching tile designs with precision and ease.

How To Use Multifunctional Reusable Tile Spacer Effectively

Embarking on a journey into the realm of reusable tile spacers can be as thrilling as it is bewildering. You must follow the steps below to make the most of their potential and turn your tile projects into works of art featuring great accuracy.

Here, we delve into the intricate steps that will elevate your tiling prowess to the next level while ensuring a seamless and professional finish.

1. Proper Spacer Placement

Begin your tile installation odyssey by understanding the geometry of your design. Our reusable spacers are your tools of precision, allowing you to dictate the distance between tiles with absolute accuracy. 

Ensure that you place them consistently along the edges and corners of each tile alongside tile leveling systems, aligning them with your desired grout line width. This initial perplexity soon transforms into a symphony of order, setting the stage for a flawless installation.

2. Adjusting Spacer Size

The versatility of our reusable tile spacers extends to their size. Select the spacer size that aligns with your design vision and the specific tile dimensions. 

Whether you opt for the DD10 1.0mm spacer for a sleek, minimalistic look or the DD45 4.5mm spacer for a bolder statement, your choice sets the tone for your tiling masterpiece. The burst of creativity lies in your hands.

3. Achieving Perfect Alignment With Multifunctional Tile Spacer

As you lay each tile into its designated place, ensure they align precisely with the spacers. Our reusable spacers act as the guiding notes, ensuring that your tiles are impeccably aligned, leaving no room for error or inconsistency.

4. Reusable Spacer Extraction 

When removing reusable spacers from your tile leveling system, you must ensure the thinset has cured completely. This isn’t just a step you can afford to gloss over; it’s crucial to your tiling project’s final look and longevity. 

When is the ideal moment to pull out those spacers? 

Aim for the 24-hour mark after the thinset has dried and set. Removing them too soon can disturb the tiles.

Common Recommended Practices While Using Reusable and Multifunctional Spacer

In the intricate world of tile installation, the 3-sided reusable and multifunctional spacers beckon with a promise of precision and innovation. But to navigate this captivating landscape, one must first unravel the recommended practices that need to be followed for its complete utility. 

Here, we unveil the unique and recommended practices that elevate your tile projects to a level of excellence that defies convention.

1. The Art of the Placement

Unlike their two-sided counterparts, 3-sided spacers open up a world of symmetry and creativity. Instead of placing them solely between two tiles, consider inserting one spacer at the intersection of the four tiles. 

This innovative method assures excellent alignment and easy removal, unlike other spacers that can’t be positioned at the four tile junction.

2. Select Spacer Sizes According To Tile Sizes

Opt for different spacer sizes based on the unique requirements of your project. Tileveling’s 3 Side Tile Spacers come in various sizes to cater to diverse tiling needs. 

From the DD10 1.0mm spacer for delicate and small tile forms to the DD45 4.5mm spacer for bigger and heavier tile formats.

The DD15 1.5mm and DD20 2.0mm spacers strike a balance, suitable for mid-range tile sizes and formats. For a more pronounced and bold grout line, the DD30 3.0mm spacer is an excellent option. 

Each spacer size allows for meticulous alignment and consistent spacing, ensuring a professional finish for your tiling project. Select the appropriate spacer size based on your specific tile dimensions and designs, guaranteeing a seamless and aesthetically pleasing tiling outcome. 

3. Rinse and Clean Your Tile Spacers with Water

When you remove those spacers from their snug positions between your perfectly matched tiles, you may find adhesive or grout on their tough forms.

Fill a container with warm water and submerge your tile spacers within. Allow them to soak for a few minutes. The water will work its magic, softening and loosening any stubborn residues that cling to your trusty spacers.

Now, armed with a gentle brush or sponge, remove the remaining residue from the spacers. Give them a tender scrub to remove every trace of adhesive, revealing their pristine form beneath. 

After this, rinse them thoroughly with clean water to wash away any lingering fragments of the tiling journey.


1. Are tile spacers reusable?

Yes, you can reuse tile spacers in most cases, but it largely depends on their material and their condition after the initial use.

2. What do I do if my spacers get stuck and can’t be removed?

Adhesive might have set your spacers. Try cutting around them or wiggle with pliers. Do not consider grouting over your spacer.

3. How Do Tile Spacers Work?

Tile spacers maintain precise and uniform gaps between tiles during the installation process. You insert these small, often cross-shaped, devices between adjacent tiles at their edges and corners. They ensure you space the tiles evenly, allowing for the creation of consistent and aesthetically pleasing grout lines.

4. What size spacers should you use for tile?

The size of the spacers you’ll need depends on various factors, such as the type of tile you use, the size of the grout lines you want, and whether you’re tiling a wall or a floor. Generally, you use smaller spacers, like 1/16 inch or ⅛ inch tile spacer, for smaller tiles, while you might use 3/16 inch or ¼ inch spacers for larger tiles.

5. Do spacers affect the amount of grout needed for a tile project?

Yes, the size of the spacers you choose directly affects the amount of grout you’ll need. Larger spacers create wider grout lines, which need more grout, while smaller spacers create narrower grout lines, needing less grout. Calculating the size and number of spacers you’ll use accurately can help you estimate the grout you need, ensuring you neither run out nor waste materials. Always consider the recommended spacer size for your specific tile type and project to make an informed decision.

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