What To Consider When Choosing The Best Tile Leveling System?


What to consider when choosing the best Tile Leveling System?

Might you be wondering about the need to choose a tile leveling system since they all perform similar functions? They indeed perform the same task; however, there are significant differences in their quality, way of functioning, achievement of level surface, and price. So, therefore choosing the best tile leveling system is vital to achieving neat and perfect work.

Many leveling system options make it quite challenging to make a perfect choice. However, there is nothing to worry about here. There are certain factors that you can consider to choose the best tile leveling system. They are:

Quality and Affordability

As mentioned before, the function of tile leveling systems are identical, and hence choosing the best among them becomes complicated. However, it is not very difficult if you think about it. Even if their function is similar and all of them fall under an affordable price range, there still are significant differences in the content of every kit and the exact price.

When comparing and choosing a tile leveling system, you must analyze the quantity supplied and whether the kit contains every item required for the process. Specific kits include some additional products while some don’t. For example, pliers are an essential item you need in the tile leveling process, and particular clip-and-wedge kits include them. Some kits provide thick and adequate clips and wedges that are easy to use and remove.

One more thing which is of utmost importance is the price range. While all the kits are more or less affordable, there are some pretty significant differences in the prices. Therefore, get a kit that contains all high-quality items and falls perfectly under your budget.


When it comes to using a tile leveling system, understanding the differences in usage between the clip-and-wedge system and the rotating cap system is crucial. It’s worth noting that while the latter may require a bit more time to set up, it offers easier control compared to the initial system. By familiarizing yourself with these distinctions, you’ll be better equipped to make the most of a tile leveling system. The auto-rotating cap system is comparatively easier for beginners and prevents overtightening of the screws. The T-pins also require constant monitorisation since you need to remove them before setting up the mortar to prevent the tile from ruining.

On the other hand, the clip-and-wedge system is much faster. Since the pressure applied to insert the wedges is not controllable, they often get inserted too deep, causing resetting of the tiles. However, the wedges don’t need constant monitorisation, and you can remove them after the adhesive sets very conveniently.


When choosing a tile leveling system, the method is fundamental. There are two kinds of ways: the clip-and-wedge and the auto-rotating cap methods. While laying tiles, one of the considerable challenges you might face is lippage. It refers to the misalignment of the tile edges that makes the floor or wall look messy and spoiled. To fix this lippage, you need to use the tile leveling systems.

Therefore, the method of the system is a crucial factor. While the initial approach, the clip-and-wedge one, uses a plastic clip and wedge, the latter one uses an auto-rotating cap.

For the first one, workers place the clip between the tiles and insert the wedge between the slot provided in the clip. Then, pressure is supplied with a special plier’s aid to fix the alignment. You can even use your hands. The application for the latter one is also quite similar, the only difference being that a wrench is used instead of a plier for the application of pressure.

The thickness of grout and tile

To purchase the best tile leveling system, you need to get a system that provides accurate-sized spacers for your tile leveling process. Various sizes and thicknesses of spacers are available to accommodate different spacing needs and requirements; therefore, know the gap and thickness of your tiles before purchasing them.

The most common clip you can find is available in 1/8 inch; however, they are suitable for smaller gaps. It would be best to get separate spacers for a more significant gap and a thicker grout line. They are practical and will cost you less than buying dissimilar clips.

T-pins, on the other hand, are available in a fixed size. They usually have a thickness of 1/8 inch. However, it would be best if you never utilize them as spacers. Instead, it would help if you buy the spacers separately.

How to choose the best Tile Leveling System?

Professionals use tile leveling systems for the prevention of lippage in your tiles. It is an effective system that is easy to use and affordable. Quality is unquestionably the most crucial factor when picking a tile leveling system. Using a sturdy, damage-resistant material in the manufacturing process ensures the tiles’ stability; therefore, it’s a critical consideration.

Another important consideration for systems with clips and wedges is whether the manufacturer allows you to purchase each of those components separately later. It’s essential for professionals who frequently utilize the same wedges.

Apart from these, the cost of a kit is also essential. Get something that is within your budget but contains durable materials of high quality. If you are the one who will be working with the system, then another thing of consideration is suitability. Choose the one you feel comfortable with since the finishing of the tiles is in your hands.

Take into account factors like tile thickness, grout space, and the level of precision you desire. In this context, the Spin Doctor Villa Tile Laying system is a versatile option. It accommodates various tile thicknesses and provides excellent results. This system utilizes a spinning cap mechanism, offering precise control and effectively addressing lippage. By incorporating the Spin Doctor Villa Tile Laying system into your tile installation process, you can take advantage of its unique benefits and achieve a level surface with ease.

Available products


A17 Clip Tile Leveling System Tiles Clips

It is a clip made of polyethylene that you can use for tile leveling. It is suitable for tiles with a thickness of 8 to 13 mm and a grout space of 1.7 mm. The clip is beneficial since it helps with laying accurate floor and wall tiles.



It is a tile leveling wedge made out of material polyethylene. You can use this product along with clips in the process of tile leveling. It is exceptionally advantageous, and workers can reuse it several times if handled correctly.

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