Bathroom Tile Laying

Project Information

The Bathroom tile laying project demonstrates the efficiency of the Wedge Tile Leveling System. It’s ideally suited to this scenario, given the relatively small tiles. Opting for this system instead of more extensive leveling methods saves costs and ensures an ideal outcome.

Given the unique requirements of this project, the chosen Wedge Tile Leveling System employed small clips and wedges. Tile Leveling Clips are available in different thicknesses to accommodate 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm 3.0mm grout joints and heights to work with tiles of 3 mm-15 mm thicknesses. Open to professional installers in different packages, maximum savings on the leveling system components.

The Wedge Tile Leveling System operates efficiently. It involves a slim plastic clip inserted into a grout joint between two tiles. Next, a plastic wedge is forced into the clip’s central opening using pliers until it aligns perfectly with both tiles, ensuring their levelness.

Designers have intended the wedge and pliers for multiple uses, leading to cost savings as you only need to buy additional clips for subsequent jobs. This system strikes a balance between simplicity and effectiveness in tile leveling.



  • The DN Tile Leveling System prevents lippage when installing ceramic tiles
  • Ideal for installing format tiles (12″ x 12″ minimum) using the back buttering technique
  • Prevents tiles from moving while adhesive sets to ensure a resulting flat surface
  • For use on both horizontal and vertical (floor and wall) tile installations
  • Significantly reduces the number of corrections to tile positioning during installation
  • The superior design and construction guarantee that only the highest piece lowers when applying leveling pressure.
  • Easy removal by impact in the direction of the grout (kick or mallet)

We have employed this extensively in our projects in London, and we’ve seen fantastic results using this system. The Wedge Tile Leveling System simplifies tiling considerably. Not only does it have a competitive price, but it also presents a cost-effective alternative to the more extensive leveling systems. Ultimately, the Wedge Tile Leveling System is a testament to practical, budget-friendly, high-quality tiling.

Wedge tile leveling system employed during tile installation is an important component of tile leveling tools for many.