The Sitting Room Tile Laying

Project Information

The sitting room tile laying project unfolds in the sitting room, boasting a wooden-grain brick floor. Brick’s relevance might be subtle, yet ceramic tiles require extraordinary flatness. Achieving a perfectly level surface is crucial, so we selected the highest leveler available to match it- The screw tile leveling system. It ensured that the installation met the exacting standards and provided a visually stunning result.

The screw tile leveling system offers effortless spinning down of the cap onto the threaded spacer. Installers can conveniently tighten the cap with just one hand, which is especially beneficial for large-format tile installations. The hats and baseplates are sold separately, and the lids are reusable for multiple jobs, which makes the system versatile and cost-effective, allowing flexibility in choosing the right components and ensuring long-term value.

Reducing tile lippage is made quick and convenient with this solution. As tiles become, more significant, thicker, and more challenging, appliance repair and installation experts in London and surrounding counties rely on this lippage control system. It provides a reliable method to achieve a level and seamless tile surface, ensuring a professional finish and minimizing the risk of lippage that can detract from the overall appearance.

The screw tile leveling system incorporates three user-friendly components.

  • Remove the caps when installation is complete.
  • Place the threaded spacer post directly under each exposed edge of the tile in eight rows.
  • This lippage control system achieves a flush surface from one tile to another.

By following this simple process, installers can quickly achieve a consistent and visually appealing result, providing a smooth and even tile surface that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any space.