Spin Doctor Villa Tile Laying

Project Information

This project constructs in a villa, and the owner has a high quality of life requirements. Works with the best tiles and tile leveling system to achieve the best effect.

Why choose this leveling system?

Because it comes with anti-friction Clear View Shields (optional use), it can best protect the tiles from being scratched. And It is self-rotating leveling, which significantly reduces construction time.

  • Free spin cap reduces installation time and allows longer reach with less strain
  • Open view cap design allows the user to see the grout joint for accuracy
  • Caps are reusable
  • Threaded Spin Doctor Leveling System Posts can be repurposed as additional spacers or wall shims once separated from the base, thus reducing waste
  • Downward pressure applied to tiles keeping the grout joint aligned as intended
  • Color-coded threaded spacer posts are available in multiple sizes eliminating the need for additional spacers
  • Anti-Friction Clear View Shields (optional use) – recommended for natural stone to protect delicate tile surfaces