Restaurant tile laying

Project Information

This project constructs in a restaurant. The restaurant owner had a limited budget for the construction, but he hoped to achieve the best effect of tile laying.

On our recommendation, he bought this reusable tile leveling system
The effect he brings to is awe-inspiring

It saves a lot of money by using them repeatedly; after the tiles are set, twist the screws anticlockwise and remove the main anchor, you may need to hammer it gently.

Unlike the regular leveling wedges and pliers, this system doesn’t require any tools unless you tighten very hard, and the unique wrench is included. It is easy to fix or remove with the wrench to improve tile installation speed.

Suitable for 3 mm to 16 mm thickness of the tile, but can be used with tiles up to 18 mm thickness.


  • High Quality & Resistant
  • Reusable & Durable
  • Simple & Easy to Use
  • Wide Range Of Application

This tile leveling system was excellent. We only used it where we needed it, but it makes a huge difference.