E08 Auto Screw Tile Leveling SystemE08 Auto Screw Tile Leveling SystemE08 Auto Screw Tile Leveling SystemE08 Auto Screw Tile Leveling System

Advantages of the leveling system

1. The thread adopts an automatic rotation design, Breakthrough the shortcomings of the traditional spiral leveler, self-locking leveling.

2. Save time: Breakpoint system design meets construction requirements, One-time kickoff, Not because there are residues, And bring extra work

3. Easy, fast, and precise laying of floor and wall tiles.

4. Suitable for all thicknesses and all tile forms and materials

How to Use Leveling System

1. the surface is clean, the grain is consistent, no scratch, no color difference, no crack, no pollution, missing edge Angle, and other phenomena.

2. The floor tile edge and wall junction gap is suitable, the skirting line can completely cover the gap.

3. The flatness of the floor tile shall be checked with a 2M level, and the error shall not exceed 3mm, and the height difference between adjacent bricks shall not exceed 2mm.

4. The floor tile must firmly adhere, the empty drum shall be controlled at 5% of the total amount, and the area of a single empty drum shall not exceed 10% (the main channel shall not be empty drum).

5. the floor tile seam width 2mm, shall not exceed 3mm, jointing uniform, straight.

6. The horizontal error shall not exceed 4mm.

Tile Lippage Control System

Achieving a flush surface from one tile to another has never been easier. With the Spin Doctor Lippage Control System, you can spin the leveling cap down with ease to the tile surface in seconds. Other systems require tools, use of both hands, or awkward repetitive motions which can cause user fatigue when installing large format tile. The Spin Doctor System uses a fast and precise free spin action that will accommodate most tile up to 40mm


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