W-C06 Six Fold Ruler Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler


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W-C06 Six Fold Ruler Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler


  • With folding 6 sides, this tile angle measuring tool is flexible, slidable, and detachable.
  • Upgrade with drill guide locators design, layout angle finder could help mark the position and drill the hole on the tile which you need.
  • Adjustable square, easily create and measure special angles or shapes you need by the angle tile tool to improve your work efficiency.
  • Floor Tile Line. For shaped tiles, you can easily cut out the bricks that are exactly the same as the gap.
  • Measuring scales in both inches and centimeters to meet your different needs.
  • This woodworking flooring angle ruler is easily folded and carried to your next project, which helps speed up the process of making those funky cuts.
  • Perfect angle copier gift for those who work as builders, tilers, carpenters, tinker, roofers, woodworkers.

How To Use

  • Fix the position according to the pipe
  • Draw holes in the tile
  • The position where the pipe hole is punched
  • Easily fits tiles



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